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Protecting Your Joints

submitted by: Rebound South Joint protection offers an effective way to prevent and control the pain from arthritis. An arthritic joint is stiff, inflamed and does not tolerate stress such as pushing, pulling or twisting motions. Besides causing more pain, these stresses can also contribute to joint damage. Try these joint protection techniques to prevent … Continue reading

Female Athlete Triad

by: Toni Knabe, DPT Athletes train to be the best; the thrill of winning is a strong motivator. Sometimes the push to perform can lead to unhealthy habits resulting in performance declines and / or injuries. Decreased strength, endurance, concentration and increased risk for stress fractures are all performance concerns related to the female athlete … Continue reading

Soft Drinks=Soft Bones

submitted by: Toni Knabe, DPT Pepsi or Coca Cola? The real question is, what is the consumption of soft drinks doing to our bodies? Several studies have looked at soft drink consumption relationships to different aspects of health, including bone mineral density. When carbonated beverages are an alternative toilet cleaner, think what large amounts of … Continue reading